Freelancing iOS / Android Developer


I am Rafael. Professional developer for 15+ years. Mobile developer for 10 years. I started to code as kid on a C64.

I am doing apps for Android and iOS for 10 years, for startups, agencies and big companies.

Before the mobile hype I was a backend/web and desktop developer.

Projects and Skills

Currently mainly: Swift or Java, but it depends on the project.

In my spare time: C#/Unity and Kotlin, with a neck for shader programming.

Customers: Coca Cola, Volkswagen, Lieferheld/Delivery Hero, Bundesregierung, Bertelsmann Stiftung, HTC, BKK, Rewe, Holocaust Mahnmal, trecker, Hahnfilm, earth TV, LinguaTV, S3DE, Syntela, Glaxo-Smith Kline, Mercedes Benz, and numerous city and administration customers.

Buzz words: RxSwift/ReactiveCocoa/RxJava, Dagger2/Cleanse, Android SDK/NDK, git/SVN/CVS, UIKit/Cocoa/CoreData, fastlane/Jenkins/Bamboo and Espresso/Mockito/XCTest, Scrum/Kanban/JIRA/Confluence.

In the past: Objective-C and C/C++, and before 2010 also ASP/ASP.NET/PHP/node.js, MySQL/SQL/T-SQL, js/jsQuery/HTML5/CSS, and ages ago even Pascal/Delphi/Visual Basic.